Competition Prep

Get access to 8 weeks worth of CrossFit Games Open Prep programming as well as programming that will develop the various gears and energy systems required for Open Style workouts. Increase your overall capacity and power output on the mono-structural movements commonly seen in the Open.

Become more prepared and enduring by developing your engine and Skills!

Goal Focus

Goal Focus packets are created to provide fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes the additional tools to ensure exceptional technique whether it be performing your first Ring Muscle-Up or linking Butterfly Pull-Ups.

The Goal Focus packets are structured as a one time purchase with drills and progressions to assist the athlete in improving across a wide range of functional fitness: Gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and Mono-structural movements.

Program includes:

Ring Muscle-Ups

Bar Muscle-Ups

Strict Pull-Ups

Olympic Lifting


The Challenge packets are designed for athletes striving to push the body physically and mentally through various styles of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. 

The Challenge packets include:

30 Days to Prepare 5k  

30 Days of Resilience

30 Days of Fasting

CrossFit Candy

Are you wanting to sweeten up your programming? Allow us to curve those cravings with CrossFit Candy! These specialized packs will provide 30 workouts designed with your specific desires in mind.

The CrossFit Candy packets include 30 Packs:

* Assault Bike

* Sweat360

* Team WOD's

* Engine Builder

* Barbell Cycling

Enhance your gymnastics skills, become more enduring, and grow in strength!